Table 1

Data collected by assessor each visit

Disability measures:
  Rivermead mobility index10
 Barthel activities of daily living index11
 Frenchay activities index12
 Nottingham extended ADL (mobility element)13
 Functional ambulation category14
 Balance score,15 ability and time to balance on either leg
Walking and upper limb function:
 Time and number of paces for two standard 6 m walks (with one turn)
 Nine hole peg test16
 Assessor's global view of “mobility change” (visual analogue score)
 Video recording of gait (to be submitted subsequently)
Cognition and affective state:
 Short orientation-memory-concentration test17
 Hospital anxiety and depression scale18
Visual analogue scales (patient and carer):
 Mobility related competence: patient and carer
 Mobility related distress (concern): patient and carer
 Falls: carer concern