Table 4

Patient characteristics (n=42)

Age (mean (range) y)47.2 (28.2–68.8)
Sex15 men, 27 women
Onset of symptoms to diagnosis (mean (SD) y)4.4 (4.6)
Duration of symptoms of MS at study entry (mean (SD) y)12.3 (8.4)
Time since last relapse to study entry in patients with relapses (median (range) y (rounded to nearest y))1 (0–21)
Expanded disability status scale26 score (0–10), n (41 assessed)4.024.52
Distance from hospital (mean (SD) (range) miles)9.8 (7.4) (1.0–26.0)
Journey time to hospital (mean (SD) (range) min)25 (10) (10–50)