Table 3

Description of content of hallucinations associated with Parkinson's disease in 21 patients

Patient No Sex Age Description of hallucinations
1M75Dead relatives walking about the house. Sees his dead dog by his bed
2F64People, in old style dresses. Some disembodied figures. Bright circle that changes into small children
3F65Egg shapes that move around. Sees dogs and cats on the sofa
4M75Humans sitting in lounge. Children playing in garden
5F76Shadows of figures approaching from behind. “Molecular structure“ of materials. Small girls looking in through the window
6F55Spiders in her bed
7F65People sitting in kitchen
8M64People in garage. Big heads. Small girls and soldiers
9F66Blackbirds sitting on shoulder
10F72A flight of stairs appears in the garden. Spiders in her tea cups
11F64Shadows, not very clear. Sees animal and birds when turning head
12M68Spiders and piles of hairs around the house
13F77Dog's face and people walking around the house
14M61Brick red images of faces. Patterns covering buildings. Birds flying about
15F68Small insect running around on the table. People in rooms as she walks past and looks in.
16M68Vague human forms which he sees over her shoulder. Disappear when he looks around
17F71Insect and spiders on duvet. Patterns on walls, which move in and out of the wall. Waterfall coming out of wall
18F69Signposts change into men. Holes appear in carpet which go into the earth. Children's faces with distorted features.
19F73Legs underneath trees in the garden. Small dogs and cats chasing each other around the house.
20M52Black shadows moving around, sometimes change into human forms
21F72Children by television set late at night. Small girls messing around in kitchen cupboards. Bleeding face on wall