Table 1

Comparison of cord area and rate of atrophy in controls

ControlClinically isolated syndrome
TotalNo brain lesions⩾1 brain lesionsMS at follow up
No of patients1543113213
Age (y):
Baseline cord area (mm2):
 Mean (SD)78.1 (5.2)74.6 (6.2)76.5 (5.5)73.9 (6.4)74.0 (8.4)
1-150p from control0.
Follow up cord area (mm2):
 Mean (SD)78.1 (5.5)74.4 (7.0)76.5 (6.7)73.7 (7.1)74.8 (9.3)
1-150p from control0.
Atrophy/y (mm2):
 Mean (SD)−0.1 (2.3)−0.02 (3.1)−0.05 (3.5)−0.25 (3.0)+0.8 (3.6)
1-151p within group0.990.670.980.630.45
1-150p from control0.90.960.90.43
  • 1-150 Two sample t test (comparison with control).

  • 1-151 Paired sample t test (comparison between time points within groups/subgroups).