Table 1

Clinical characteristics of patients with CSF leak. The diagnostic procedures that proved the diagnosis are given in bold

Patient No Age (y) Sex Aetiology of CSF leak Diagnostic procedures Observation period (months) Complications
168FemaleUnknown CT, scintigraphy2None
28FemalePost-traumaticCT, cisternography, intrathecal fluorescein, endoscopic surgery 5None
358MaleSinusitis sphenoidalis CT, surgery0Meningitis, exitus
473MaleAfter craniotomy CT, surgery 7Meningitis
572FemaleAfter ventriculotomy CT 31None
683MaleFrontobasal meningioma CT, surgery 1,5None
758FemaleUnknown CT 32None
857MalePost-traumatic CT, surgery 37None
946MaleAfter craniotomy CT, surgery 38None
1019MaleFrontobasal fractureCT, MRT, intrathecal fluorescein, endoscopic surgery 40Recurrence which led to revision surgery, none