Table 1

Results of evaluation of 157 patients suspected of chronic polyneuropathy, according to part 1 of the guideline

Polyneuropathy with known cause (n=105) Polyneuropathy cause disclosed by part 1 (n=11) No neuropathy (n=32) Signs and symptoms of neuropathy, not confirmed by electrophysiology (n=9)
Diabetes mellitus (n=60)Diabetes mellitus (n=5)
HIV (n=21)Alcoholism (n=5)
Alcoholism (n=11)Renal failure (n=1)
Drug induced (n=7)
Renal failure (n=6)
Patients with unnecessary investigations1-150 n=69n=4n=10n=0
Patients with too few investigationsn=0n=0n=0n=6
Number of electrophysiological studiesn=73n=11n=29n=3
Number of patients with no electrophysiological studiesn=32n=0n=3n=6
Unnecessary electrophysiological studiesn=69n=3n=10n=0
Results of electrophysiologic testsDemyelinating (n=6)Axonal, sensorimotor (n=9)No neuropathy (n=29)No neuropathy (n=3)
Axonal, sensorimotor (n=53)Axonal, pure sensory (n=2)
Axonal, pure sensory (n=9)
Axonal, pure motor (n=5)
  • 1-150 Some patients have more than one unnecessary investigation.