Table 2

Demographic differences between group A (pager first) and group B (pager second)

Characteristic Group A Group B
Mean current age (SD) (y)39.18 (14.57)37.41 (15.52)
Mean age (SD) at insult (y)34.18 (16.04)34.0 (17.78)
Mean time (SD) since insult (y)5.33 (5.8)4.8 (6.94)
Male/female ratio70:2435:14
Traumatic head injury (%)46.838.8
Stroke (%)25.524.5
Acquired non-progressive conditions (%)12.818.4
With other conditions (%)9.62.0
Living in residential care/hospital (%)4.34.1
Living with family (%)68.179.6
Living alone with help of carer(s) (%)13.810.2
Living alone (%)13.86.1
Mean number of messages (SD) sent daily during pager phase8.78 (4.05)8.26 (3.96)