Table 4

Adverse effects in 32 patients

Patient One week after surgery (32 evaluated) Six months after surgery (32 evaluated) 12 months after surgery (19 evaluated)
1Dysarthria, reduced consciousness for a few hours, pseudobulbar syndromeDysphasia, drooling and postural instabilityDrooling and postural instability
2During surgery confused, surgery not completedIntermittent hallucinations / psychosisIntermittent hallucinations / psychosis
3HiccupsLoss of concentrationLoss of concentration
4Urinary incontinenceUrinary incontinenceUrinary incontinence
5Facial paresisFacial paresis, droolingFacial paresis, drooling
6Reduced speech volumeFacial paresis, drooling, fatigueNone
7Dysarthria, starting some days after surgeryNoneNone
8Severe headache while supine starting 4 days after surgery, lasting a few daysNoneNone
9Urinary incontinenceNoneNone
10Intracerebral haematoma, evacuated surgicallyHemiparesis, neglect, and severely disabled
11Postural instability for 6 days, dysphasia, facial paresisDysphasia (predominantly expressive), impaired coordination while swimming
12Facial paresis, word finding difficulties starting 2 days after surgeryFacial paresis, word finding difficulties
13+14Facial paresisFacial paresis, drooling
15NoneSexual disinihibition, increased libido
16NonePainful skin while combing