Table 8

Preoperative patient characteristics in relation to good outcome 6 months after pallidotomy: logistic regression model (n=30)

Improvement >10 on UPDRS 3 in off phase
Adjusted odds ratio8-15095% CIp Value8-151
Age <65 y4.50.5–38.60.17
UPDRS 3 in on phase>152.00.3–13.80.48
Medication in LEU⩽10009.11.2–70.80.03
Side of surgery: right side0.40.04–3.30.37
  • 8-150 Reference group are patients with the opposite characteristics.

  • 8-151 Calculated with Wald statistics.

  • Hosmer-Lemeshow goodness of fit test, p=0.62.