Table 2

History characteristics of 178 patients with transient loss of vision in one eye related with the presence of 1%–69% stenosis, 70%–99% stenosis, or occlusion of the ipsilateral ICA

CharacteristicnIpsilateral ICA
1%–69% stenosis only (n=33)70%–99% stenosis only (n=100)Occlusion only (n=45)
OR2-15095% CIOR2-15095% CIOR2-15095% CI
Altitudinal onset577.02.5–––9.6
Altitudinal disappearance544.81.8–––6.4
Speed of onset in seconds941.20.5–––3.0
Duration of 1–10 minutes1710.60.2–––2.3
More than 10 attacks910.60.2–––4.5
Retinal claudication131.20–––25.3
Unknown mode of onset410.30––1.10.20–1.0
  • ICA=internal carotid artery.

  • 2-150 Odds ratio(OR) for the presence of 1%–69% stenosis, ⩾70% stenosis, or occlusion versus normal ICA.