Table 1

Patient's performance on tests

Assessment Score Normal subjects (mean (SD))
VPTA (visual perception test for agnosia)
 Visual perception:
  Distinguishing the length of line00.0 (0.00)
  Counting dots00.0 (0.00)
  Distinguishing the shape00.3 (0.80)
  Line orientation00.1 (0.64)
  Perception of overlapping figures00.1 (0.40)
  Picture copying test00.3 (0.72)
 Recognition of picture and real object:
  Picture naming00.0 (0.14)
  Real object naming00.0 (0.00)
  Story telling (the cookie theft picture)01.1 (1.96)
 Colour perception:
  Naming00.4 (1.24)
  Pointing00.1 (0.72)
  Matching00.0 (0.38)
  Visual memory for object's colour0
  Matching to objects given verbally00.1 (0.35)
  Matching to pictures of objects00.1 (0.48)
 Recognition of letters and symbols:
  Recognition of symbols00.83 (1.61)
  Recognition of letters (kanji)00.1 (0.44)
  Recognition of letters (kana)00.0 (0.27)
  Recognition of numbers00.58 (2.18)
 Visual space perception tests:
  Line bisection test00.1 (0.49)
  Line cancellation test00.0 (0.30)
  Picture copying test00.1 (0.58)
  Drawing the clock0
  Drawing the man's face00.1 (0.46)
 Topographic orientation:
  Recall of the location of familiar buildings0
  Geographical knowledge0
 Face tests:
  Famous people's face recognition 11 0.8 (1.95)
  Unknown face matching 4 0.6 (1.12)
  Simultaneous identification 3 0.1 (0.27)
  Perception of expression00.0 (0.14)
  Perception of sex 6
  Perception of age 7
Other tests
 Line drawing:
  Naming8686 (0.6)
  Recognition9087 (0.3)
 Picture naming:
  Conventional views10/10
  Unconventional views10/10
 Famous places:
 Animal face naming:6/6
 Tests of unfamiliar faces
  Face matching (different angle)12/1412.9 (1.9)
  Learning unknown faces 10/18 13.0 (2.7)
 Familiar face recognition:
  Identification of familiar faces 2/11
  Familiarity check 1/9
  Famous face identification 8/38 35.7 (3.6)
  Familiarity check 1/30
  Identification from name38/38
  • 1-150 Blank indicates that these tests are not normalised; bold=impaired performance.