Table 2

Neurological condition of patients at time of admission2-150

Criteria Total (%) TBI (%) ICH (%) SAH (%)
GCS 323422729
GCS 4–8871711
GCS 9–1315122616
GCS 14–1554393043
Ventilated at GCS 310010097
Ventilated at GCS 4–8643562
Unilaterally fixed/dilated pupil888
Bilaterally fixed/dilated pupil854
⩾1 corneal reflex absent181213
Hunt and Hess I25
Hunt and Hess II18
Hunt and Hess III18
Hunt and Hess IV18
Hunt and Hess V21
  • 2-150 Or contact if not transferred; GCS=Glasgow coma score15; TBI=patients with traumatic brain injury; ICH=patients with intracerebral haemorrhage; SAH=patients with subarachnoid haemorrhage.