Table 1

Patient characteristics, histological diagnoses, visual field defects, fMRI results and type of operation performed

Patients Age, sex Tumour type, location Visual field defect FMRI result (p<10−8: SPM analysis) Operation
148, MAstrocytoma, grade III, right lingual gyrusLeft HLHNo right visual cortex activationTumour removal
252, MAstrocytoma, grade III, left lingual gyrusRight HLHNo left visual cortex activation1-150 Tumour removal
364, MMeningioma, left and right cuneusRight inf lat hom quadranopsyNo left sup visual cortex activationTumour removal
475, MGlioblastoma, left occipital lobeRight HLHNPBiopsy
542, FAstrocytoma, grade III, right trigoneLeft HLHNo right visual cortex activationBiopsy
654, MMeningioma, left posterior lingual gyrusRight sup lat hom quadranopsyNo left inf visual cortex activationTumour removal
769, MGlioblastoma, right occipital lobeLeft HLHRight and left asymmetric visual cortex activationTumour removal
858, MAstrocytoma, grade III, right trigone and parietal lobeLeft inf lat hom quadranopsyNo right sup visual cortex activationBiopsy
951, FIntra and suprasellar hypophysal adenomaBitemporal hemianopsyLeft eye stimulation : no right visual cortex activation1-150 Tumour removal
Right eye stimulation : no left visual cortex activation1-150
1053, FAstrocytoma, grade III, left temporal lobeRight sup lat hom quadranopsyNo right inf visual cortex activation1-151 Tumour removal
1150, MGlioblastoma, right trigoneRight HLHHead motion: discardedBiopsy
  • HLH=Homonymous lateral hemianopsy; sup lat hom=superior lateral homonymous; inf lat hom=inferior lateral homonimous; SPM=statistical parametric maps; NP=not performed.

  • 1-150 Significant analysis threshold: p<10−9.

  • 1-151 Significant analysis threshold: p<0.001.