Table 4

Correlations between neuropsychological domains and NRS-R factor scores at 6 months postinjury

Neuropsychological domains n NRS-R total score Executive / cognition Positive symptoms Negative symptoms Mood / affect Oral / motor
Verbal memory201−0.514-160 −0.584-160 NS−0.244-150 −0.274-160 −0.314-160
Visual memory192−0.514-160 −0.614-160 NSNS−0.244-150 −0.424-160
Speeded visuomotor193−0.614-160 −0.704-160 NS−0.304-160 −0.304-160 −0.464-160
Fine motor dexterity1910.464-160 0.514-160 NSNSNS0.534-160
Speeded verbal production199−0.524-160 −0.594-160 NSNSNS−0.424-160
  • 4-150 p<0.001;

  • 4-160 p<0.0001.

  • Verbal memory=Buschke verbal selective reminding test; visual memory=Rey-Osterrieth complex figure (immediate and delay recall); Speeded visuomotor=trail making test B and symbol digit modalities test (oral and written administrations); fine motor dexterity=grooved pegboard; speeded verbal production=controlled oral word association.