Table 3

Daily doses and serum concentrations of the antiepileptic drugs (AEDs) in study patients

AEDNo of patientsDose (mg)Serum concentration (M)
Patients with refractory TLE:
    OXC41613 (448)69.4 (11.1)*
    CBZ with other AEDs71057 (230)29.9 (7.4)
    OXC with other AEDs71586 (334)83.8 (13.3)
Patients with well controlled TLE:
    CBZ14614 (160)28.8 (6.7)
    OXC8975 (311)48.4 (18.9)*
    CBZ with other AEDs170021.0
*Monohydroxy carbamazepine, the active metabolite of OXC.CBZ, carbamazepine; OXC, oxcarbazepine; VPA, valproate; PHT, phenytoin; LTG, lamotrigine.