Table 2

Swallowing motility disorders before and after LSVT®; numbers refer to number of subjects who demonstrated the disorder on swallows of each bolus volume

Bolus volume
1 ml3 ml5 ml10 mlCup drinkingPasteCookie
Motility disorderPre TxPost TxPre TxPost TxPre TxPost TxPre TxPost TxPre TxPost TxPre TxPost TxPre TxPost Tx
Reduced tongue coordination40411012215254
Reduced vertical tongue movement00000000000001
Reduced AP tongue movement52513232506688
Reduced tongue stabilization10102020200000
Reduced tongue lateralization00000000001050
Reduced tongue strength83858486848786
Rocking-like movement00101011101020
Delayed pharyngeal swallow20200000004164
Reduced tongue base retraction63736484848476
Slowed/delayed vestibule closure03011222221111
Bilateral pharyngeal weakness00102042323232
Dipper swallow10111011001011
Difficulty clearing pharyngeal residue00000000002111
Functional swallow47476557562812