Table 4

Risk of dementia with parkinsonism according to the occupational category. Cox model with delayed entry. PAQUID 1988–97

Dementia with parkinsonismModel 14-151Model 24-151Model 34-151Model 44-151
RR95% CIRR95% CIRR95% CIRR95% CI
Occupational category:
 Professionals/managerials and other employees1111
 Farmers4.654-160 1.58–13.654.954-160 1.55–15.814.434-150 1.39–14.144.644-150 1.30–16.61
 Domestic service employees0.780.09–6.950.830.09–7.640.770.08–7.030.800.09–7.55
 Blue collar workers1.370.33–5.741.430.33–6.211.410.33–6.081.470.33–6.44
Log likelihood ratio statistics4-152 p=0.074p=0.084p=0.124p=0.174
  • 4-151 Model 1=sex, interaction age-sex; model 2=sex, interaction age-sex, education; model 3=sex, interaction age-sex, education, tobacco and wine consumption; model 4=sex, interaction age-sex, education, tobacco and wine consumption, income, vascular factors.

  • 4-152 Testing the global effect of occupation.

  • 4-150 p<0.05,

  • 4-160 p<0.01.