Table 5

Risk of dementia with parkinsonism among women according to the occupational category. Cox model with delayed entry. PAQUID 1988–97

Dementia with parkinsonismModel 15-151Model 25-151Model 35-151Model 45-151
RR95% CIRR95% CIRR95% CIRR95% CI
Occupational category:
 Professionals/managerials and other employees1111
 Farmers5.425-150 1.42–20.557.635-160 1.84–31.627.475-160 1.80–31.0710.255-160 2.10–49.95
 Regrouped class5-152 0.500.08–3.010.630.10–3.840.620.10–3.780.750.12–4.79
Log likelihood ratio statistics5-152 p=0.004p=0.002p=0.002p=0.002
  • 5-151 Model 1=without adjustment variables; model 2=education; model 3=education, wine consumption; model 4=education, wine consumption, income, vascular factors.

  • 5-152 Blue-collar workers and domestic service employees have been regrouped with craftsmen/shopkeepers because there was not any cases of dementia with parkinsonism in these two categories.

  • ‡Testing the global effect of occupation.

  • 5-150 p<0.05,

  • 5-160 p<0.01.