Table 2

Prevalences in previous studies of hereditary spastic paraparesis

AuthorPeriod of studyArea of studyPopulationPatient sourcesClinical featuresInheritanceCases (n)Prevalence/ 100000
Chen et al151960–1966Guam37975National Institute of Neurological Diseases and BlindnessPureAD/AR-HSP and sporadic718.4
Skre161960–1968Western Norway725000University hospital in BergenPure and complicatedAD-HSP3112.1
Werderlin 17 Werderlin and Keiding181961–1975Zealand (Denmark)1179000All hospitals in ZealandPure and complicatedAD/AR-HSP232
Age 10 to 50
Brignoli et al191945–1982Turin (Italy)2327996District and regional hospitals, nursing homes and disability centresNot statedAD-HSP310.7
Sridharan et al201984Benghazi (Libya)519000Polyclinics, disability centres and four university hospitalsPure and complicatedAD/AR-HSP and sporadic112.1
Polo et al211974–1986Cantabria (Spain)510000Neurology department of the regional hospitalPureAD/AR-HSP499.6
FIlla et al221989Molise (Italy)335211Mail and phone survey of 847 hospital physicians and GPsPure and complicatedAD/AR-HSP92.7
Hirayama et al231988–1989Japan123000000Mail survey of hospitals with 200 plus bedsPure and complicatedAD/AR-HSP and sporadic1090.17
Leone et al241981–1991Valle d'Aosta (Italy)115270Departments in the regional hospital and local disability centresPureAD-HSP and sporadic54.3
Silva et al251994Viano do Castelano (Portugal)250061District & regional hospitals, disability centres and GPsPure and complicatedAD/AR-HSP52
Current study1995–2000Ireland5436000Neurologists, geneticists, and hospital records.PureAD-HSP691.27