Table 2

Serological results in patients with a stepwise disease progression compared with those with a gradual progression

Patients with stepwise progressionPatients with gradual progression
*Patients positive by both ELISA and western blot.
(n), absolute numbers of patients.
Total number of patients1240
sTNF R1 concentrations (mean (SD))896 (500)1097 (562)
IL-6 concentrations (mean (SD))2.7 (1.9)2.9 (1.6)
Positive CFT (n)32
Anti-GM1 antibodies (IgM) (n)14
Anti-PMP22 antibodies* (n)4 (1 IgM, 2 IgG, 1 both)6 (1 IgM, 3 IgG, 2 both)