Table 1

Content of HqoL scales

Numbers in columns correspond with the number of the item in the scale; numbers in parentheses indicate that the item is assessed, but is primarily allocated to another section.
*”leisure activities” and “looking after home” are present in both physical and social domain because of differences in subscale allocation among scales;
†item numbers of the PIMS are sometimes presented more than once because of broad formulation.
        Problems getting around house6
        Walking4, 52425
        Shuffling; initiation/shuffling117
        Turning in bed35
        Getting up32
        Turning around while walking14
    Self care:
        Self care23
        Cutting food15
        Holding drinks without spilling16
        Doing up buttons/shoe laces13
    Daily activities:
        Looking after home*2(5)40
        Carrying bags/shopping3
        Doing leisure activities*1(8)7(38)
        Getting around in public7
        Take part in traffic29621
        Needed company when going out8
    Motor feature:
        Shaking hands; tremor64
        Sudden uncontrolled movements302
        On off periods2014
        Speech; talking3422
    Other disease features:
        Generally unwell2
        Extreme exhaustion13
        Worn out720
        Painful cramps or spasms37
        Pain in joints or body386
        Unexpected falling asleep30
        Problems sleeping (at night)195
        Difficulty sitting still27
        Incontinence/frequent urinating28
        Feeling unpleasantly hot or cold39
        Feeling that body parts don't belong to oneself44
        Adjusting to circumstances32
        Depression17262†11, 30
        Weepy or tearful19
    Feelings (positive)
        Feelings; confidence141
        Self worth129
    Feelings (negative)
        Being tense; stress4210
        Angry or bitter20
        Unsure due physical limitations; trust body functions534
        Safety; doing what you want without harming yourself8
        Unsure around others18
        Feeling isolated/lonely18
        Feeling ignored36
        Worry loss cognitive capacity18
        Worry physical loss19
        Worry illness42
        Worry future; afraid progression221513, 16, 43
        Worry operation37
        Fear side effects17
        Worry falling9
    Other features
        Dependency on medication15
        Difficulty accepting illness21
        Confined to house more than liked10
        Distressing dreams/hallucinations339
Social and role functioning:
        Problems with close relationships273
        Lacked support spouse/partner283
        Lacked support family/friends29
        Impact community relationships4
        Sexual relationship3610
        Wanted to isolate oneself35
        Keeping up relationships24
        Social stigma (fear of)
        Embarrassed (in public)2510
        Worried about other's reaction26
        Felt had to conceal PD23
        Feeling that illness is noticed36
        Avoid eating/drinking in public24
        Signing name in public23
    Role functioning
        Looking after home*(2)5
        Financial security/support9
        Feeling dependent of others31
    Social activities:
        Doing hobbies339
        Doing leisure activities*(1)8(7)38
        Cancel social activities12
        Cancel important activities33
        Less able to go on holiday1737
        Visit exhibitions22
        Problems with communication35