Table 2

Mean (SD) change scores, 95% CI, t values, and correlation coefficients for repeat measures taken over a 5 hour interval for patients with multiple sclerosis

VariableMean change score (D)SD of change score (SDdiff)95% CIt ValueProduct moment correlation (r)Intraclass correlation coefficient (ICC(2,1))
GC, gait cycle.
Speed (m/min)1.64 (faster)4.3−6.9 to 10.1−1.4340.9800.97
Cadence (steps/min)1.32 (higher)3.8−6.13 to 8.8−1.3090.9790.97
Stride length (m)0.0141 (longer)0.056−0.096 to 0.124−0.9490.9770.97
Double limb support (% GC)1.25 (greater)3.3−5.2 to 7.7−0.1420.891