Table 2

Differences in quality of life as measured by Sintonen's 15D and Nottingham health profile (NHP) (median values) in the different patient groups: tumour size (≤25 ml v >25 ml), tumour location (left v right hemisphere and anterior v posterior)

Tumour sizeAffected hemisphereLocation on the anterior-posterior axis
≤25 ml (n=47)>25 ml (n=45)p ValueLeft (n=43)Right (n=33)p ValueAnterior (n=47)Posterior (n=32)p Value
*p<0.05; **p<0.01.
Sintonen's 15D0.900.84 (N=48)0.0620.910.82 (n=34)0.007**0.86 (n=48)0.910.659
NHP: pain0.09.10.035***
NHP: mobility0.09.00.008**
NHP: social isolation0.016.40.013***
NHP: energy0.024.80.023*
NHP: emotion0.06.20.1890.08.00.048*
NHP: sleep18.127.00.2066.928.90.08628.96.90.003**