Table 2

Univariate analyses of variance of candidate predictors for the NAA/choline ratios for the cerebral cortex and white matter

dfNAA/cholinecerebral cortexNAA/cholinecerebral white matter
F valuep ValueF valuep Value
Age1, 3814.597<0.0015.2200.028
Sex2-150 1, 381.0060.3220.2160.644
Body mass index1, 380.6560.4231.0960.302
Hypertension2-150 1, 381.8290.1844.1110.0496
Cardiac disease1, 380.0560.8141.8870.178
Diabetes mellitus1, 380.3730.5450.8150.372
Hyperlipidaemia1, 380.0790.7800.7580.389
Apnoea-hypopnoea index1, 380.0010.9807.1950.011
SpO2 min 1, 380.0930.7622.1490.151
  • 2-150 The effect of sex×hypertension interaction on the NAA/choline ratio for the cerebral white matter was significant (F(1, 38)=8.860, p=0.005).

  • df=Degrees of freedom; SpO2 min=minimum value of peripheral oxyhaemoglobin saturation.