Table 1

Patient's performances on the tests of the general neuropsychological examination

Patient score Maximum score possible Percentile score
Wechsler adult intelligence scale22:
 Verbal IQ107
 Performance IQ110
 Full Scale IQ109
Wechsler memory scale quotient23:
Raven's coloured progressive matrices24 27.336>25
Phrase construction25 2325>50
Copying drawings25
 Free copy7.312>5
 With landmarks6970>50
Wisconsin card sorting test26:Range of normal controls
 Criteria achieved662–6
 Perseverative errors100–6
 Total errors600–24
  • References are those from which normative data and percentile scores of single tests were derived. For the Wisconsin card sorting test, the range of performance scores achieved by 10 age matched normal controls is reported (normative data collected from an Italian population are not available).