Table 2

Patient's performances on the memory tests

Patient score Maximum score possible Percentile score
Verbal short term memory:
 Digit span forward28 5.759>50
Visuospatial short term memory:
 Corsi block test forward28 3.759<10
 Immediate visual memory24 13.822>50
Verbal long term memory:
 Rey's 15 words learning task24
  Immediate recall3175<10
  15 minute delayed recall015<5
 Short story recall29 016<5
Visuospatial long term memory:
 Rey's figure A
  Immediate reproduction036<5
  15 minute delayed reproduction036<5
 Supraspan spatial learning29 1.1630.78<5
 Camden memory battery27:
  Short recognition memory test for faces222525
  Topographical recognition memory test203010
  Pictorial recognition memory test2430<1%
  Short recognition memory test for words1425Range of normal controls 23–24
  • References are those from which normative data and percentile scores of single tests were derived. For the short recognition memory test for words (normative data collected from an Italian population are not available), the range of performance scores achieved by five age matched normal controls is reported.