Table 3

Localisation of lesions of patients presenting with signs compatible with the diagnosis of GA gleaned from the literature and subdivided according to aetiology

Author(s), yearCaseAgeSexLocalisation
*Postmortem not available; ACA, anterior cerebral artery; CBD, corticobasal degeneration; CC, corpus callosum; F, frontal; F1, F2, F3, first, second, third frontal gyrus; gCC, genu corpus callosum; L, left; R, right; TPO, temporo-parietal-occipital; NR, not reported.
    Feuchtwanger 1923110A.Li32MMetal splinter in the L and R F
MK20MBullet in the R F
    Kleist 19348KNRMBullet through L and R areas 6+gCC
Tumours and abscesses:
    Bruns 189214INRNR“Sarcoma” L and R medial F
II54MLarge subdural haematoma L F
III36M“Sarcoma” L F2.
IV60MGlioma R F2, F3
    van Vleuten 190797AL55M“Sarcoma” L gCC+L F1+L cingulum
    Hartmann 190754WF57MGlioma gCC+L and R+cingulum
    Vincent 191146Th54WGlioma RF
    Brun 192158H25MGlioma R medial F+CC
    von Monakov 191418E59WGlioma L medial F1+gCC+R cingulum
W58WMetastases medial L and R F+gCC
    Dimitz and Schilder 192260MW38WGlioma L and R F1 F3 polar+gCC
    Pötzl 192429HK18WAbscess R F polar
MGlioma R F polar
    Marie et al 1924111MH56MGlioma R F1, F2
    Gerstmann and Schilder 192622FW56MGlioma L medial F
    Klein 192844JG52MGlioma R F+basal ganglia
    Adie and Critchley 1927112AL54MGlioma R F1
    van Bogaert and Martin 19292RB47WAbscess L F1, F2
MK34WGlioma L F orbitopolar
    Sittig 1929139FTumour around CC
    Kleist 19348MNRNRGlioma R F1 (area 6), L F1+CC
SNRNRGlioma L and R F1+gCC
    Bell,1934113LD53WGlioma R F+gCC
CP31WGranuloma anterior CC+hydrocephalus
    Frazier 19364954MFibroblastoma of the falx L and R
    Petrovici 196825MA28MAstrocitoma L F*
    Liepmann 1900 (quoted by Lange 193627)T48ML*
    Abraham 190756; Brun 192158JS58ML: TPO+F1+CC
    Westphal 190715NR58MR: F and L: O+Th
    Kleist 19076NR44ML and R: F*
    Kroll 191057K49ML: supramarginal and angular gyri.
T45ML: F2+supramarginal girus+gCC
    Bonhöffer 191419HP51ML: F1, F2+orbital+CC
    Mingazzini and Ciarla 192066160MR: internal capsule+L gCC
    Schuster and Pinéas 192699ML70WL*
    Maas and Sittig 1929114AR70WL and R.*
    Zingerle 193428MP61ML and R.*
    Ethelberg 19511152759WACA atherosclerosis (angiography) L>R+hydrocephalus
    Meyer and Barron 196023171MAnterior L and R*
449MACA L and R*
759MACA L and R.*
    Petrovici 196825IF70WACA L*
MM63MMultiple infarcts L and R*
    Nutt et al 199320NR83MMultiple strokes*
NR68MPeriventricular vascular disease*