Table 2

Allele and genotype frequencies of the Notch3 polymorphism in patients with CVD and controls

Genotype (%)Allele frequency (%)
CCCTTTp Value*CTp Value†
2 tests were used to compare genotypes between controls and all patients with CVD, and between controls and subgroups of patients with CVD; †allele frequencies were compared using Student's t test. TIA, transient ischaemic attack
Controls (n=315)14.347.937.838.361.7
All CVD patients (n=235)14.045.540.40.81336.863.20.625
    Atherothrombotic (n=69)15.955.129.00.38743.556.50.248
    Lacunar (n=142)14.138.747.20.13733.566.50.171
    TIA (n=24)8.358.333.30.55437.562.50.917