Table 1

Analysis of tau in PSP

CaseTau seqFHClinical featuresAge at onsetPathological features
PSP, Progressive supranuclear palsy; AD, Alzheimer's disease; PD, Parkinson's disease; CBD, corticobasal degeneration; NINDS, National Institute for Neurological Disorders and Stroke; PSP, criteria positive for clinically probable or possible PSP; Tolosa, Tolosa criteria for PSP positive.
1N−veAtypical: IPD-like53Typical
2N−veTypical: Tolosa72Typical
3N−veAtypical: IPD-like76Typical+vascular disease
4N−veTypical: NINDS62Typical
5N−veTypica: Tolosal66Typical
6N−veAtypical: gait disorder without documented eye movement disorder77Typical+cortical involvement
7N−veAtypical: chorea60Typical
8N+ve: 1 brother and father tremorTypical: Tolosa63Typical+CBD features
9N+ve: 1 brother parkinsonismAtypical: IPD-like79Typical
10N+ve: father and nephew parkinsonismTypical: NINDS66Typical
11N+ve: sister ADTypical: NINDS69Typical
12N+ve: uncle PDTypical: NINDS66Typical
13N+ve: brother parkinsonismTypical: NINDS73Typical
14N+ve: mother and father tremorAtypical: non–levodopa responsive parkinsonism70Typical
15N+ve: brother PSP, brother ADTypical: NINDS67Not available
16N+ve: cousin PSPTypical: NINDS64Typical