Table 1

Diagnostic evaluation of Tolosa- Hunt syndrome

Haematological tests:
 Complete blood count
 Serum chemistry (glucose, electrolytes, liver and renal function)
 Erythrocyte sedimentation rate
 C reactive protein
 Haemoglobin A1C
 Fluorescent treponemal antibody test
 Antinuclear antibody
 Anti-dsDNA antibody
 Anti-sm antibody
 Serum protein electrophoresis
 Antinuclear cytoplasmic antibody
 Angiotensin converting enzyme
Cerebrospinal fluid:
 Opening pressure
 Cell count and differential
 Culture: bacterial, fungal, mycobacterial
 Angiotensin converting enzyme
Neuroradiologial studies
 Cerebral angiography
 Cavernous sinus