Table 2

Detail of patients with DLB

Case No Age (y) Sex MMSE score Time from onset of clinical symptom to myocardial MIBG scintigraphy (months) Cognitive fluctuation Parkinsonism Symptomatic orthostatic hypotension Systematized delusions Visual hallucinations Orthostatic hypotension Antiparkinsonian therapy
175F22 60YesA, RYesNoNoNoNil
281M26 10YesA, RNoNoYesYesNil
370M23 70YesA, RNoYesYesYesD
464F14 46YesA, T, RYesYesYesYesLd, B
576M19 40YesAYesNoNoYesNil
679F22 60YesA, RYesNoNoYesLd
779M20  6YesA, RYesYesYesYesNil
880F 4 20NoA, RYesNoYesYesLd
979F18 36NoA, T, RNoYesYesYesNil
1070F19 84NoA, RYesNoYesYesNil
1178F22108YesA, T, RYesYesYesYesLd, B
1259F18 10YesRNoNoYesYesNil
1369M17 13YesA, RYesYesYesYesNil
1471F21 24YesA, RNoYesYesYesNil
  • Ld=Levodopa+dopa decarboxylase inhibitor; B=bromocriptine; D=droxidopa; A=akinesia; T=tremor; R=rigidity.