Table 2

Poser criteria for the diagnosis of clinically definite multiple sclerosis (MS) and laboratory supported MS (modified from Poser et al6)

Clinical relapse Clinical evidence (number of lesions) Paraclinical lesions CSF OCBs
Clinically definite MS22-150 22-151
22-150 1 and1 or more
Laboratory supported definite MS22-150 1 or1 or more+
122-152 +
112-152 and12-152 or more+
  • Clinical evidence means documented neurological signs relating to a lesion. Paraclinical lesions are lesions found by investigation that are distinct from clinical lesions.

  • 2-150 Two clinical relapses involve lesions at different times and different sites.

  • 2-151 Can substitute documented clinical signs of one episode with strong typical historical information.

  • 2-152 Evidence of two different lesions separated in time (that is, not both present initially). CSF, cerebrospinal fluid; OCBs, oligoclonal bands, NA, not available.