Table 3

Recently proposed diagnostic criteria for multiple sclerosis (modified from McDonald et al1)

Clinical presentation Additional data needed
⩾ 2 clinical relapses
 Objective clinical evidence ⩾ 2 lesionsNone
 Objective clinical evidence 1 lesionDissemination in space3-150
1 clinical relapse with objective evidence MRI dissemination in time3-151 and space
Progressive picture OCBs
Dissemination in space (MRI ± VEPs3-152)
Dissemination in time (MRI3-151 or clinical)
  • 3-150 Dissemination in space: typical MRI (⩾ 3 of 4 criteria satisfied) or ⩾ 2 MRI lesions (brain/spinal cord) + OCBs.

  • 3-151 Dissemination in time: Gadolinium enhancing lesion on 3 month single interval MRI or new T2 lesion on 6 month MRI not seen at 3 months.

  • 3-152 Various combinations brain/spinal cord lesions and VEP abnormalities.