Table 1

Clinical profiles in patients with Bickerstaff's encephalopathy with or without anti-GQ1b IgG antibody

Anti-GQ1b IgG
Number of patients1510
Sex (M/F)10/57/3
Median age (range)52 (17–63)48 (3–91)
Antecedent illness:
    Upper respiratory infection853770
Initial symptoms:
    Consciousness disturbance427220
    Gait disturbance320440
Neurological signs during the course of the illness:
    Consciousness disturbance
        Stupor, semicoma, or coma320110
    External ophthalmoplegia1510010100
    Internal ophthalmoplegia640110
    Facial weakness533220
    Bulbar palsy213220
    Tendon reflex
    Babinski's sign427330
    Deep sense impairment00110
    Superficial sense impairment17220