Table 1

Clinical features and investigations

Signs in limbsCSFSSR latency (s)
PatientAge (y), sexSymptomsSite of onsetP and TPC and VreflexesPreceding illnessPR (mg/dl)Po/mm3l/mm3Time of LPHandFoot
P, pain; T, temperature; PC, proprioception; V, vibration; A, absent; N, normal; B, brisk; UTI, urinary tract infection; PR, protein; Po, polymorphs; L, lymphocytes; LP, lumbar puncture; SSR, sympathetic skin response
130, MNumbnessFeetANNA1023510 days1.51.8
228, MNumbnessFeetANNDiarrhoea (1.5 months before)53113 weeks2.72.8
327, FNumbness and burning sensationHandsANNUTI (1week before)55112 weeks1.62.6
433, MNumbness and burning sensationFeetANBDiarrhoea (3 weeks before)63001 week1.9Absent
567, MNumbness and burning sensationFeetANBA95624 weeks3.41.9
644, FNumbness, pain, and burning sensationHandsANNDiarrhoea (3 days before)924110 days2.92.1