Table 1

Baseline characteristics

CharacteristicAll patients (n=72)
MS, multiple sclerosis; EDSS, Kurtzke expanded disability status scale16; ESS, Epworth sleepiness scale19; FSS, fatigue severity scale17.
Mean age (y (range))44 (23-61)
Female/male ratio3:1
MS clinical course (% of patients):
    Primary progressive7
    Secondary progressive19
Concomitant medications, (n (%) of patients):
    Interferon-β or glatiramer acetate55 (76)
Mean duration of MS (y (range))6.3 (0-29)
Mean EDSS score (range)3.3 (0-6)
Mean FSS score (range)5.9 (4-7)
Mean ESS score (range)9.5 (1-20)