Table 3

Final multivariate logistic model with p values for sequential tests, adding each variable to a model containing all those above it. Odds ratios (ORs) and 95% confidence intervals (95% CIs) for predicting survival at 12 months for 425 reread patients. Estimated OR>1 indicates improved outcome, estimated OR<1 indicates a poorer outcome

Termp ValueDetailsOR95% CI
Age<0.001Piecewise linear0.914(0.884 to 0.946)
GCS<0.001Linear increasing from GCS3-151.247(1.107 to 1.405)
Pupil Reaction<0.001No reaction1
One reactive pupil3.272(1.318 to 8.123)
Two reactive pupils5.651(2.616 to 12.205)
Yes0.487(0.264 to 0.897)
Overall appearance<0.001Normal/mild/moderate1
Massive focal0.594(0.299 to 1.181)
Massive diffuse0.281(0.126 to 0.625)