Table 2

Extents of activation with hand movements. Numbers of voxels with activation above threshold in neuroanatomically defined volumes of cortex during slow (10% of maximum rate) or fast (75% of maximum rate) hand flexion-extension for individual patients with motor or sensory neuropathies and for normal controls.

Activation extent
Slow hand movements (voxels)Fast hand movements (voxels)Relative increase in activation extent (slow to fast)
*p<0.02; **p<0.005; ***p<0.003.
CMC, contralateral sensorimotor cortex; IMC, ipsilateral sensorimotor cotex; SMA, supplementary motor cortex; LI, lateralisation ratio (see methods); . A hyphen indicates that the data was not collected due to a technical fault. Standard deviations for the ration of the relative increase in activation extent are not given. Values for the patients are listed in numerical order (see table 1) from the top down for the right hand (except where no data were obtained). The ratios of activation extent for fast relative to slow movements arealso given (mean values only for the healthy controls). Note that the mean increases in activation are similar for all three groups for CMC. The sensory SN group shows a higher mean for IMC and SMC changes, but this seems to be determined by results from a single subject (subject 8).
Motor neuropathy (n=6):
Sensory neuropathy (n=4):
Normal controls (n=7):