Table 2

Site of posterior fossa white matter lesions in dizzy and non-dizzy subjects

Dizzy subjects (n=125)Non-dizzy subjects (n=86)p Value (κ2 test)
Values are n (%). The denominator used to calculate the percentage is the number of scans where information is available.
*Scans unclear or unreadable.
Lesion in pons16 (13)10 (13)1.00
No lesion in pons103 (87)69 (87)
Lesion in midbrain26 (22)3 (4)<0.001
No lesion in midbrain93 (78)76 (96)
Lesion in medulla8 (7)5 (6)1.00
No lesion in medulla111 (93)74 (94)
*No information67