Table 3

Log likelihood (LL), likelihood ratio test statistic (G statistic), degrees of freedom and p value for possible interactions of interest in AD to be added to the main effects only model

VariableCodingLLG statisticdfp Value
*Main effects only model from multivariate model containing the following parameters: Lp(a), sex, age, TC, apolipoprotein E ε4 carrier; †ε3/ε4 and ε4/ε4 genotypes.
Main effects only*−70.033
Lp(a) by sex0Men−53.1202.02430.54
Lp(a) by age0<72−46.95214.36030.01
Lp(a) by apolipoprotein ε40No−52.8842.49730.48
Lp(a) by TC−51.4745.31630.15