Table 3

Electrodiagnosis: comparison between patients with CIAP, patients with PAD, and controls

CIAP (n=23)PAD (n=42)Controls (n=48)CIAP v controlsPAD v controlsCIAP v PAD
Values are mean (SD).
CIAP, Chronic idiopathic axonal polyneuropathy; PAD, peripheral arterial disease; NR, no response obtainable; DML, distal motor latency; MCV, motor conduction velocity; SCV, sensory conduction velocity; SNAP, sensory nerve action potential; CMAP, compound muscle action potential.
Median nerve, motor
    DML (ms)4.4 (0.7)3.8 (0.5)3.7 (0.4)p<0.001NSp<0.01
    MCV lower arm (m/s)50 (4.6)55 (4.0)57 (4.2)p<0.001p<0.01p<0.001
    MCV upper arm (m/s)55 (8.9)60 (6.7)62 (5.1)p<0.001NSp<0.05
    CMAP amplitude wrist (mV)8.3 (2.8)9.7 (4.1)10.7 (2.9)p<0.01NSNS
    Minimal F-M latency (ms)27.1 (2.8)25.0 (2.1)23.7 (2.0)p<0.001p<0.01p<0.01
Median nerve, sensory
    SCV hand (m/s)46 (5.4)52 (6.1)54 (5.0)p<0.001NSp<0.01
    SCV lower arm (m/s)49 (6.5)57 (4.1)58 (4.1)p<0.001NSp<0.001
    SNAP amplitude wrist (uV)7.9 (6.8)13.8 (7.9)16.1 (7.7)p<0.001NSp<0.01
Tibial nerve
    DML (ms)4.8 (0.8)4.3 (0.9)4.0 (0.4)p<0.001NSp<0.01
    MCV (m/s)37 (4.7)43 (5.3)45 (4.0)p<0.001p<0.05p<0.001
    CMAP amplitude ankle (mV)1.8 (2.3)7.0 (5.1)8.0 (3.5)p<0.001NSp<0.001
    Minimal F-M latency (ms)58.7 (7.2)49.6 (6.3)48.6 (5.1)p<0.001NSp<0.001
Sural nerve
    SCV (m/s)46 (2.9)47 (5.3)49 (5.1)NSNSNS
    SNAP amplitude (uV)3.8 (1.8)9.3 (6.6)11.8 (6.0)p<0.001p<0.05p<0.01
Electromyography anterior tibial muscle
    Spontaneous activity65122p<0.001NSp<0.001