Table 1

Comparison of an intervention group with a non-intervention group after mild head injury with repect to demographic, intelligence, and injury severity variables

Mild traumatic head injury
VariableIntervention (n=79)Non-intervention (n=123)Fp Value
Values are mean (SD).
LOC, loss of consciousness; NART FSIQ, national adult reading test full scale intelligence quotient; PTA, post-traumatic amnesia; SES, socioeconomic status.
Age (years)24.1 (9.1)28.1 (12.2)6.190.01
Education (years)11.5 (1.9)11.4 (1.9)0.340.56
SES rank4.7 (1.1)4.9 (1.0)1.620.20
NART FSIQ104.6 (7.6)105.1 (8.2)0.130.71
PTA (min)109.8 (252)96.9 (154)0.180.67
LOC (min)4.3 (6.4)4.0 (6.3)0.210.65