Table 1

Results of neuropsychological examination

TestAge scaled scoresAge matched control scores or patient's centile
Control values are mean (SD).
*Tests on which performance was considered abnormal. Published norms used for comparisons.
WAIS-R, Wechsler adult intelligence scale-revised; WMS-R, Wechsler memory scale-revised.
General intellectual function (WAIS-R)
Picture completion13
Digit span12
Block design14
*Digit symbol substitution9
Logical memory (WMS-R)
    Immediate26(67th centile)
    Delayed24(79th centile)
Visual reproduction (WMS-R)
    Immediate40(99th centile)
    Delayed30(74th centile)
Rey auditory verbal learning test
    Total 5 trials3847.6 (8.5)
    *Recall list A89.6 (2.9)
    *20 Min delayed recall list A610 (2.6)
    Recognition list A1513.9 (0.9)
Rey complex figure test
    Copy3635.6 (0.8)
    30 Min delayed recall2418.8 (7.4)
Executive function
*Trail making test
    Part A60 s(10th to 25th centile)
    Part B115 s(25th to 50th centile)
*Letter fluency (FAS)31(19th centile)
*Wisconsin card sorting test (WCST)3 categories5.6 (1.1)
Graded naming test22(50th centile)