Table 3

Useful web sites by category

All web sites accessed 26 July 2002. FTP, file transfer protocol; URL, uniform resource locator; WWW, world wide web. These URLs are dowloadable as a Bookmarks/Favorites file from the JNNP web site (
Searching the internet
    Google • One of the largest search engines
    Copernic • A free search agent that searches multiple directories and search engines
    Archieplex • FTP search agent
    Google newsgroups • Newsgroup indexing service
Medical portals
    National electronic Library for Health • A partnership with NHS libraries to develop a digital library for NHS staff, patients, and the public
    TRIP database • A free searchable database of over 55 sources of high quality, evidence based information and online journals
    Netting the Evidence • A comprehensive resource for evidence based practice
    BIOME • A searchable catalogue of quality internet health and biomedical resources (incorporating Organising Medical Networked Information (OMNI)) • A free news, discussion, literature, jobs, and email service for doctors in the United Kingdom
    Medical conferences • An interactive free compendium of worldwide medical conferences
    PubMed • Provides a searchable version of Medline with links to online journals, integrated with other protein, nucleotide, and genome databases
    PubMed Central • A digital archive of life sciences journal literature
    Free Medical Journals • A portal dedicated to indexing and promoting free access to medical journals on the WWW
    Zetoc • The British Library's email service for all their journals' latest tables of contents
    BioMed Central • An independent publishing house committed to providing immediate free access to peer reviewed biomedical research
    Free Books 4 Doctors • A portal dedicated to free access to medical books on the WWW
    eMedicine • A free, WWW only textbook of medicine
Research resources
    Current Controlled Trials • Promotes the availability and exchange of information about ongoing randomised controlled trials in all areas of health care
    BioMedNet • A portal for biological medical researchers
    Wisdom • A comprehensive United Kingdom research funding database
For patients
    Patient UK • A directory of United Kingdom health and disease related web sites for patients
    Healthsites • A portal for health related information, with sections for patients or doctors
    MedicDirect • Portal for health related information for both patients and doctors
    QuackWatch • Surveillance of bogus health web sites
    Online medical dictionary • A searchable dictionary
    Who Named It? • Dictionary of eponyms