Table 3

Evidence based treatment of TMJ disorders

TreatmentOutcomeType of evidence
NSAIDs, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, RCT, randomised controlled trial
    OpioidsUnknownNo evidence
    NSAIDsNot effective1 RCT
    Minor tranquillisersEffective1 RCT
Not effective1 RCT
    AntidepressantsEffective1 Crossover
Effective3 RCTs
    ExercisesNo controlled study
    HeatNo controlled study
    UltrasoundNo controlled study
    Bite appliancesNot effective1 RCT
    Occlusal rehabilitationNo controlled study
Injection therapies
    Ringers solutionIneffective1 RCT
Effective1 uncontrolled
    SteroidsEffective1 uncontrolled
    Anti-inflammatory (superoxide dismutase)Effective1 uncontrolled
    Cognitive behaviour therapyEffective, increases control2 RCTs, 1 uncontrolled