Table 5

Drugs used in the management of trigeminal neuralgia

DrugDaily dose rangeEfficacySide effectsLevel of evidence
Baclofen50–80 mgGoodFew, beware rapid withdrawalRCT
Carbamazepine300–1000 mgExcellentNeurological side effects, introduce slowly, drug interactionsRCT
Clonazepam4–8mgLowSevere drowsinessCase report
Gabapentin1800–3600 mgGoodNeurological side effectsCase reports
Lamotrigine200–400 mgGoodNeurological side effects, rapid dose escalation leads to rashesSmall RCT
Oxcarbazepine300–1200 mgGoodNeurological side effects, hyponatraemia in high doses, no major drug interactionsCase reports
Phenytoin200–300 mgGoodNeurological side effects, easy to overdoseCase report
Pimozide4–12 gExcellentSevere side effects, neurologicalRCT
Tizanidine6–18 mgPoorNeurological side effectsRCT
Topiramate25–250 mgMay be goodNeurological side effectsCase report
Valproic acid600–1200 mgPoorNeurological side effectsCase report