Table 2

Correlations between the event related potential (ERP) repetition effects and memory performance

LPC repetition effect (550–800 ms, Cz)Global LPC repetition effect (550–800 ms, all sites)
MCI (n=14)All (n=28)MCI (n=14)All (n=28)
Pearson correlations between ERP repetition effects (mean amplitude of difference between new and repeated items in a 550 to 800 ms latency window for congruous items) and neuropsychological tests of verbal memory.
*p < 0.05; **p < 0.01.
CERAD, consortium to establish a registry for Alzheimer's disease; CVLT, California verbal learning test31; DRS, dementia rating scale30; LPC, late positive component; MCI, mild cognitive impairment.
List A, total 1–50.73**0.53*0.68**0.53**
Short delay – free recall0.60*0.51*0.54*0.51**
Short delay – cued recall0.510.41*0.370.41*
Long delay – free recall0.410.38*0.330.44*
Long delay – cued recall0.460.350.290.38*
CERAD word list 32
Immediate recall0.67*0.370.71*0.43*
Delayed recall0.590.370.65*0.47*
DRS30 – memory0.400.40*0.290.36
DRS – total0.