Table 2

Difference between mean changes in SF-36 scores of patients who were allocated to intervention or control group, after adjustment for baseline assessment*

SF-36Difference95% CI†p Value‡
*From (separate) regression model.
†Scores from intervention group minus those for control group.
‡By unpaired t test.
CI, confidence interval.
Physical functioning (PF)0.27(−0.53 to 1.06)0.55
Role, physical(RP)3.67(−1.19 to 8.53)0.09
Bodily pain (BP)3.46(2.38 to 4.54)0.0001
General health (GH)5.01(4.50 to 5.51)0.0001
Vitality (VT)0.28(−0.38 to 0.94)0.41
Social functioning (SF)1.09(0.51 to 1.67)0.001
Role, emotional (RE)12.39(9.85 to 14.93)0.0001
Mental health (MH)−0.10(−0.25 to 0.05)0.19
Physical component score (PCS)1.19(1.04 to 1.34)0.0001
Mental component score (MCS)0.75(0.58 to 0.91)0.0001