Table 2

Mean values and ranges of confidence ellipse area (Area) and maximum variance direction (MDir) for control subjects and subjects with Parkinson's disease in the four test conditions

Area (mm2)MDir (degrees)
ap<0.05 v DBS; bp<0.01 v controls; cp<0.05 v OFF; dp<0.01 v controls; ep<0.01 v DBS.
DBS, deep brain stimulation; DOPA, dopamine treatment; OFF, on no treatment.
Controls484197 to 9987835 to 124
OFF1044290 to 29477310 to 100
DBS24672 to 6858568 to 102
DOPA2157a,b1138 to 407539c,d,e3 to 79
DBS+DOPA1179287 to 39075711 to 103