Table 1

General data on the patients

Case 1Case 2Case 3Case 4Case 5Case 6Case 7Case 8
A/Aa, artery/arteries; F, female; GCS, Glasgow outcome scale; M, male.
Year of accident19821996199019931973198719921999
Age at accident (years)3.674.757.676.087.587.582.586
Injury typeFallCrushFallCrush + fallFallFallFallCrush
Latency (hours)20472612880.25
Affected vesselsThalamo-geniculate AaHeubner ALenticulo-striate AaPerforating AaLenticulo-striate AaPerforating AaPerforating AaLenticulo-striate Aa
(posterior cerebral A)(anterior cerebral A)(middle cerebral A)(basilar A)(middle cerebral A)(basilar A)(basilar A)(middle cerebral A)
Follow up (years)4.510.750.2531380.67
Outcome (GOS)Moderate disabilitySevere disabilityModerate disabilityModerate disabilitySevere disabilityNon-disabling sequelaeTotal recoveryModerate disability